Vikas Gupta visits the Bigg Boss House

In today’s episode, Bigg Boss asked the housemates to welcome new guests. By saying this, Bigg Boss actually promoted a new upcoming show of Colors television called “Saleem Anarkali Ki Prem Kahani” which would be on air from October 01, 2018.

It was then shown that Jasleen Matharu was talking to Anup Jalota regarding Dipika Kakar. She was saying that Dipika gets on her nerves and both of them were not having good relations with each other anymore. Anup being the elderly did the right thing and asked Jasleen to end this up. Jasleen stood up, went to Dipika and hugged her.

Bigg Boss then announced that all the housemates should be statue until the next announced. It was then mentioned that Vikas Gupta, one of the most famous contestants ever in the history of Bigg Boss, was coming to analyze the housemates’ performance up till now. Vikas then came and analyzed each housemate turn by turn. He said to Karanvir Bohra that he was doing good in the house but he could be even better.

To Srishty Rode, he said that she was not being seen anywhere in the house and needed to do something. He said to Urvashi Vani that she was brilliant and extremely natural. Vikas hugged Dipika and encouraged her to give her best in the show. He then went to Saurabh Patel and said that he was chosen for the show over millions but was not doing too much there.

Bigg Boss then asked the housemates to give the names of one pair and one single whom they would like to send to prison. Bigg Boss announced that this decision should be based on the happenings of the last week and all the housemates should have a mutual consent on the names announced. Based on this, the majority of housemates started taking the names of Nirmal Singh and Romil Chaudhary and all of them indulged into a huge fight.

In tomorrow’s episode, this fight will grow really worse and the housemates will not easily agree to three suggested names for punishment.


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