Bigg Boss 13 Contestants, Schedule, News of Bigg Boss Season 13 – 2019

Know about Bigg Boss 13, Bigg Boss 13 Contestants Name, Final Contestants Name List, Start Date, Bigg Boss 13 Host, Bigg Boss 13 Winner, Updates for Bigg Boss Season 13 – 2019.

About Bigg Boss 13 – 2019 Colors TV Show :- The show Bigg Boss 13 is very famous reality show on colors channel. This format is taken from the reality TV show Big Brother that was discovered in Netherlands. Also check for latest news on entertainment and Bigg Boss.

In past ten years the TV show has gained popularity in India. There are nine seasons that are already broadcasted. The Big Boss house is a well decorated house. That usually has one or two bedrooms, kitchen, activity area, gym, swimming pool and a big garden.

Bigg Boss 13 Contestants 2019
Bigg Boss 13 Contestants 2019

All the contestants [Bigg Boss 13 contestant list below] are called as housemates. These housemates are kept isolated from rest of the world and are locked inside the house with cameras. This house is built every year and it away from Mumbai. Every week there are nominations of the contestants for eviction. The contestants who receive the major votes are nominated.

These nominated contestant appeal the public to vote for them so that they stay safe. The nominated contestant who gets the least public votes is evicted from the reality show. There are few finalist from whom the final contestant of the show is selected who is also based from the public votes. For more details about show visit official colors website.

Bigg Boss 13 Contestants

The Season 13 of Bigg Boss will be starting started with the fresh faces. The Bigg Boss 13 contestants are generally from the field of entertainment. It is very popular in the viewers as they get to see their celebrities locked inside the house. They realise that their stars are also like any other person.

Bigg Boss Season 13 had tv celebrities and following celebrities are approached by bigg boss Season 13 team. So confirmed Bigg Boss 13 contestants list or Bigg Boss Hindi Contestants is as follows:



  • Arhaan Khan

Above is the list of Bigg Boss 13 contestants having both celebrities contestants and commoners contestants. We will update this section with more confirmed contestants for Season 13 – 2019.

The Bigg Boss Season 13 ended and the finale winner is Shilpa Shinde. He is well deserved candidate.

Other contestants for the Season 13 who has secured first runner up and the second runner up place are Hina Khan and Vikas Gupta respectively.

Commoners Entry to Bigg Boss 13 House

There is an interesting piece of information that common man can participate in the Bigg Boss 13 version of the show.

We are still waiting for official information regarding the entry of common man in bigg boss Season 13.

Bigg Boss 13: Auditions Open for Commoners
How to Apply for Bigg Boss 13
Tips for Filling Bigg Boss 13 Form Correctly

They will also be the contestant. They will live along their favorite celebrities in Bigg Boss 13 house. They will also have the chance to win the prize money along with the fame. The lines to participate on the show are open. The interested person has to wait for official confirmation from colors tv whether they are opening gate for commoners for Bigg Boss 13.

One thing will matter that is entertainment. The makers have begun the nation wide search for the contestant. Bigg Boss Season 13 is very big. The makers are leaving no stone unturned to make the show successful.

Bigg Boss 13 Host Name

The news is out on the host of Bigg Boss Season 13. Salman Khan will host Season 13 of the Bigg Boss reality TV show on Colors. Salman Khan has become a synonym along with the Bigg boss show. With Bigg Boss 13 season, he would be hosting the show for the 9th time. His aura works wonder and the TRPs have been up with him hosting the show. The makers like to retain him as the host of the show.

Bigg Boss 13 Host - Salman Khan
Bigg Boss 13 Host – Salman Khan

Sultan actor Salman Khan has hosted Season 13 with same passion as he has been doing it in past. There were other hosts also for the show but no one could hold the show like Salman Khan. He is very popular actor and is a popular Bigg Boss host too.

Salman Khan is a big name in the Hindi film industry. He is a famous celebrity in India and abroad. He is followed by the fans of all age groups. He hosts the Bigg boss show with great confidence and you can see the real Salman. On weekend ka vaar, Salman declare the name from nominated contestants who received minimum votes and the contestants will be eliminated. For more information click following url:

Bigg Boss 13 Elimination | Eviction | Nominations

Bigg Boss 13 PROMOS

We will update this section when Bigg Boss Season 13 promos are released. Here is news for Bigg Boss promos.

Also read:

He does scold the contestant if he feels that they are doing wrong. He also pampers them and boost their confidence. He is a great human being.The contestant also love Salman as a host. They like the friendly manners of him with the other contestants. Even the viewers like watching Salman as the host and that is the reason of high TRPs of the show. We are looking forward how he will judge contestants in Bigg Boss 13.

Bigg Boss Start Date and Time

Colors channel will be launching the show Bigg Boss Season 13 on 16th September 2018 in the month of September or October 2019. Also, Colors TV channel started showing promos for the bigg boss show on TV.

-Final Confirmed Start Date: 16th September 2019.

-Final Timing [*Timings in Indian Standard Time]:

  • 9 PM to 10 PM – Saturday and Sunday
  • 10:30 PM to 11:30 PM – Monday to Friday

The channel would be soon declaring the names of the contestants for the reality T.V show on colors channel. The show timings are expected to be in the prime slot on colors that is 9 pm to 10 pm on Saturday and Sunday with Salman Khan and 10:30 PM – 11:30 PM from Monday to Friday.

The weekend will see Salman Khan appearing on the Bigg Boss 13 show. The eviction of the contestant would take place during the weekend. The nominated contestant gets a week to secure public votes. By the end of the week Salman would declare the name of the evicted contestant of the show.

Bigg Boss Android App

If you possess the smart phone or tablet than it is very easy for you to access Bigg Boss 13 whenever you wish too. Download Bigg boss app on your smart device. Keep getting the live news, updates of the show. You can also watch Bigg Boss 13 contestants list and written episodes.

Bigg Boss 13 Voting Poll Online : Steps to Vote for your Favourite Contestants

Keep a close look on this popular show. No matter wherever you are, just go ahead and download the Bigg Boss 13 app so that you stay in tune with the show. Read the full length articles on our app. You don’t need to open the website to read the updates and latest news. This app is wonderful and you can always stay connected..

Link yourself with Bigg Boss 13 android app. This app is user friendly.

Bigg Boss 13 Auditions – News – Updates – Live Show

The readers will get all the interesting facts, news, updates about the contestants on our Bigg Boss 13 website here. The information will come before any other website. The readers need not go on any other site to get the news of your favorite reality show that is Bigg Boss Season 13. Keep visiting this section for latest information about Bigg Boss 13 auditions.

Check Bigg Boss 13 Live Page for all details.

You will know about the biography and the details of the Bigg Boss 13 contestants participating in the show. They would be the household name. You can check our site to get the maximum information of the reality TV show.

The news of every episode broadcasted will be there on the site about the show. The readers can read on any missed episode and catch up with the latest happenings of the Bigg Boss 13 on colors TV.

Latest Bigg Boss 13 news/updates/episodes:

Stay tune with our website and the app to get the latest news and updates on the Bigg Boss 13 Contestants, Bigg Boss reality TV show that is broadcasted on the Colors tv channel.



  1. Plz vote for hina . She s d best.. Hina is genuine .. She spk what’s correct not like Vilas or shilpa who back bite others.. Bandagi gandagi ko bahar nikalo.. Shilpa is physco maybe salman doesn’t watch all episodes. So he favours nautanki shilpa..
    Vote for Hina

  2. shilpa is the best she is real not like fake hina i just hate hina …….she should do slow claps for herself…..please kick her out of the show

  3. Salman stop being a biased.. salman always favours Shilpa nd whoever supports shilpa u wil favour them in weekend.. waht dignity did shilpa show being silent ?were u blind when shilpa was torturing vikas. Stop dis salman nd be a genuine host . Host r those who tels what s right n wrong . When Akash troubled nd said so many bad things abt benafsha slamn never said anythin to him but now when akash did nothin much salman got fire on his back.. Really we all wil stop watchin bb if he doesn stop bein biased.

  4. Udesh Singh shut up Shilpa is just cow*rd person. Vikas and Shilpa had a whole strategy before entering in Bigg boss as just Dadlani said… Hina is best .. my favorite contestant my favorite TV actress so haters think before u speak about Hina

  5. We are not satisfied with your nominations today as Hiten is not doing good.why shilpa sapna and Shilpa are kept unsafe.
    Totally unprofessional.

  6. Please kick out Hina Khan From the show because she don’t know how to behave in the house. She is not having any kind of tolerance power.

  7. Plz tell hina khan that she is so fake. A good person does not go behind her friends to spread rumors about her. disgusting. if this her game it is very cheap. Laughing at a women and encouraging her two pets and her empty headed friend to play dirty.

  8. I am supporting Hina khan.. Salman khan is now doing what channel want .. To get more TRP he is supporting shilpa and ARshi and Vikas. Vikas is a Producer so he has a good contact in media ..

  9. Mera name Sachin ahirwar s/ Ratan lal hai or Mi jhansi se hu address man road Khailar jhansi up se hu Mi bigg boss Anaa cahta hu

  10. Better ull dont say anything about salman as a host.. hez as always best.. hina was playing good she spoilt her own image by supporting wrong ppl and being a part of wrong group.. i used to lyk hina but she spoilt all her image by her own hands.. now shilpa is playin wel.. so will vote for her.. if hina plays well will surely vote for her

  11. Ek dum bekaar He this time BB ,,We can’t learn anything from them .wild card entry me Kuchh badia celebrities bhejo.these are irritating Us


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