Urvashi Dholakia – Biography, Wiki, Personal Details, Age, Height

Urvashi Dholakia does not need an introduction because everyone knows her talent and achievements. She is one of the most popular faces on the television. She started her career at a very tender age. Since then she made her mark in the industry and showed new hope for new achievements. Her face is very popular in the industry, and people can easily recognize her. She has acted in some of the most popular Indian television serial, which people widely accepted.

Urvashi Dholakia

Urvashi Dholakia Picture
Urvashi Dholakia

Personal life

Urvashi Dholakia was born on 1979 to Punjabi and Gujarati parents. Her childhood went through utter difficulties. She got married at the age of sixteen. By the time, she was nineteen she became the mother of two baby boys. However, she got divorced later. Nobody knows about her husband and presently her children are learning in a boarding school.

Despite such struggle, she got a diploma in Bharat Natyam from the Nalanda University. After this, she began her career in acting.

The Journey for success

At a very tender age, Urvashi Dholakia found her interest in acting. She made her first appearance when she was just 6 years old in the television serial by Shri Adhikari Brothers and the serial was “Waqt ki raftar”. After this, she continued to act in various serial and at age of 14 years, she became popular with the comedy serial in TV “dekh bhai dekh”.

Later on, she entered into the big world of fame. Later she worked on many tv shows which include “zamana Badal Gaya”, “Ghar Ek mandir”, ” Mehendi Tere Naam ki”, “Kabhi sautan Kabhi saheli”. The serial, which gave her maximum popularity, was “kasauti Zindagi ki” where she played the role of negative women named Kamolika Basu.

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People widely celebrated this character, and she got huge attention from the people for this character.

Reality shows

Apart from these TV serials, Urvashi Dholakia participated in various reality shows. On the year 2007, she participated in “Comedy Circus 1” and later she also participated in “Ustaadon ka Ustaad” in 2008. In the midst of these reality shows, she also took part in a very different reality show called “sach ka saamna” in the year 2009. Her performance in this show created a buzz around the town.

Urvashi Dholakia - Biography, Wiki, Personal Details, Age, Height
Urvashi Dholakia

She also appeared on a reality shows and one of them is “meethi choorii” on NDTV imagine in 2010.

Bigg Boss Season 6

Urvashi Dholakia had been the “Bigg Boss Season 7 Winner”. This was a separate achievement in her world of the reality show.

Awards and achievements

Her awesome skill in acting fetched her huge awards and accolades. She got several awards for best negative roles in television. She got these awards for a long period. Nobody could have excelled as she did. She became the definition of negative character in television.

Urvashi Dholakia Biography

Name: Urvashi Dholakia
Hometown: Gujarat
Age: 36
Height: 5 feet 8 inches
Eye color: black
Hair color: brown
Occupation: model, actor
Show: kasauti zindagi ki, kabi sautan Kabhi saheli, Waqt ki raftaar
Reality show: comedy circus 1, sach ka samna, bigg boss winner season 6
Nationality: Indian
Marital status: divorced


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