Neha Pendse Eliminated from Bigg Boss Show

Today’s Bigg Boss episode was a Navratri special which started off with Salman Khan congratulating to the audience for Navratri celebrations.

The veteran Bollywood actress “Kajol” today went inside the Bigg Boss house to promote her upcoming movie “Helicopter Eela” in which she is playing the role of mother of a teenager boy. Kajol had some great fun moments with the housemates inside the Bigg Boss house. Jasleen Matharu and Shivashish Mishra danced for Kajol on the blockbuster song “Jati hun main” from 90s.

Bigg Boss 12 Winner
Bigg Boss 12 Voting

Deepak and Urvashi showed their acting skills by reenacting on the famous last scene of DDLJ. Kajol then asked all the housemates regarding who was the weakest contestant in their opinion and all of them called the name of “Saurabh”.

After that, Salman Khan called Dipika Kakar and Surbhi Rana inside the wrestling ring of the Bigg Boos house. It was quite a one sided contest today and Surbhi easily won the overall fight. Salman’s junior version then went inside the Bigg Boss house who has also made appearance in the previous season of Bigg Boss. He made everybody laugh and gave some valuable suggestions to all the contestants. He also made Jasleen, Srishty Rode and Neha Pendse dance on a song.

Salman then announced that Neha Pendse was being eliminated from the Bigg Boss house tonight. This was definitely very shocking for Dipika as Neha was her best friend inside the house. Dipika was later shown crying bitterly as she mentioned that she first lost Sreesanth and then Neha in a span of only seven days.

Tomorrow’s Bigg Boss episode is going to be perhaps the most important episode of the season as it will be the “Big Breakup Episode“. Bigg Boss will announce tomorrow that from now on wards, all the pairs would be split up and all the contestants will play on an individual basis. Moreover, Sreesanth and Anup Jalota will return to the main BB house from secret room.


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