Neha Pendse becomes the New Captain of Bigg Boss House

In today’s Bigg Boss episode, drama from yesterday continued as Sreesanth was yet again at the gate, looking to get out of the house. Right then, Dipika Kakar went to him and tried to calm him down.

Srishty Rode tried to convince Romil Chaudhary that he had done quite a few wrong things during the task but he was not willing to accept his fault. The housemates however gathered again to think of the names of three contestants to go to jail, as per the orders of Bigg Boss. The three names which came up were those of Dipika, Romil and Nirmal. While the two of them went straight to the jail, Romil was being stubborn that he did not deserve to be in jail. The housemates however made him realize that he had to accept the decision of housemates.

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The next day, Bigg Boss called Neha inside the confession room and mentioned that she and her team had won the luxury budget task and a special right to choose the two contenders for captaincy. It was also mentioned that they could either choose two singles or one pair with mutual consent. The two names which were given to Bigg Boss for captaincy task were those of Neha and Karanvir.

Bigg Boss then explained the captaincy task to the housemates in which a pitch was made in the garden area with two wickets, each for Neha and Karanvir. There would be 5 buzzers in the task, on which both Neha and Karanvir would give the name of one housemate who would be the wicket keeper. Sreesanth would throw the ball to the wicket keeper who would take the bails off for the one whom he/she did not want to see as captain. In the end, the contender with more stamps broken would lose the task.

In tomorrow’s episode, Ayushmann Khurrana will visit the Bigg Boss house.


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