Nitibha Kaul Reacts to Manveer’s Alleged Wedding

Bigg Boss Season 10 just got over [For details about bigg boss season 11 click here] but the immense fame which the commoners of the season got seems to be unbelievable.

Manveer Gurjar emerged as the winner of the show, and Nitibha Kaul, a Delhi based commoner also won the hearts of audiences though she could not reach the finale.

As the show progressed, we witnessed many relationships going up and down, just like Manu Mona, Lopa Rahul, and Bani Gaurav.

However, there was another relationship which came to the limelight towards the end of the show. This relationship was Nitibha and Manveer’s friendship which was sometimes speculated to be as an infatuation. Though none of them admitted this infatuation during the show, yet it was sometimes observed that the two shared something more than the friendship.

As soon as the show was over, Manveer was accused of being married already and having a daughter. Now very recently, Nitibha Kaul has reacted to this controversial news where she was seen saying that she had nothing to do with Manveer’s wedding. She further added that she would talk about Manveer’s wedding some time later on but she highlighted that she was in no way involved with Manveer Gurjar during or after the show.

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However, there have been some speculations that Nitibha had got quite disturbed once she heard the news of Manveer’s alleged marriage and daughter. Whatever the truth is, we are not certain about that fact if both Nitibha and Manveer were infatuated or otherwise.

Nevertheless, what we do know is that they shared a very good chemistry as friends during the entire season and the audiences loved it where they were seen supporting each other, competing in tasks, fighting for the right, taking stands at right places and respecting each other’s viewpoints. That is the reason why their friendship was taken as very refreshing and charming by most of the viewers.


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