Manveer Gurjar – Biography, Wiki, Personal Details, Age, Height

Manveer Kumar Baisoya, mainly known as Manveer Gurjar is what we can call a true Indian. A great patriot, Manveer is willing to do anything for the benefit of his country. He is from Noida and is has got quite a huge fan following in the social media.

Manveer Kumar Baisoya or Manveer Gurjar (Gujjar)

Manveer Gurjar
Manveer Gurjar

Personal life

Manveer Gurjar was born in Noida, India. He has got a pretty dominant nature and knows how to get his work done by hook or by crook. He is a farmer by occupation and is proud of his job. He has been a good student since childhood and has preferred to serve his nation in this way.

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According to him, his work makes him feel close to his nation, and the fragrance of the soil gives him a soothing touch of the mother nature.

Manveer Gurjar Biography

Manveer Kumar Baisoya
Manveer Kumar Baisoya

Name- Manveer Kumar Baisoya (also known as Manveer Gurjar)
Birth Date- 13th June 1987
Origin- Noida, India
Hobbies- Wrestling, Gymming, Kabaddi
Height- 6 feet and 1 inches
Favourite Star- Salman Khan
Profession- Farmer, Dairy owner
Reality Shows- Bigg Boss 10, Khatron Ke Khiladi Season 8

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Latest details

Manveer Gurjar is presently in the Bigg Boss house as a contestant. He was selected among many common people auditioning for taking part in the 10th season of the blockbuster show Bigg Boss 10 which is hosted by Salman Khan.



Right now he is most lovable commoner and having 80% chances to be bigg boss season 10 winner.

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Manveer has said that he has got a very short temper and can do anything when he loses his temper. All the members are pretty scared of him because of this anger of his. Besides that, he has got a very good physique and some good looks to die for. Not many would dare to go against a man with such a deadly combination in his account.


Manveer Gurjar has got a huge family in Noida. He himself has said that he has grown up in a joint family consisting of as many as 49 members. Manveer is pretty attached to his family and loves everyone as much as he loves his nation. He says that it is ones’ family that stays beside one at all times, without any condition.

Manveer Gurjar
Manveer Gurjar

Manveer is said to be a very dominative type of guy since childhood only. He takes much interest in wrestling, kabaddi and all sorts of fighting sports. Sources confirm that he used to beat up anyone who went against him when he was a kid. With this fighter in the cage of Bigg Boss, the show will surely get more interesting.

Career path

Manveer Gurjar has been a very bright student since childhood. He has done his schooling in Noida and his graduation from The Delhi University.

After completing his studies he has joined his family business and is a diary owner as well. He mainly collects rents from the properties which he has given out on loans. Besides he is even a social activist and has joined hands with the Aam Aadmi Party for the betterment of the Gujjar society present in Noida.

Girlfriends and marriage

No information about the relationship status of Manveer Gurjar has been received so far.


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