Manveer Gurjar Posts a Video for the Prospective Commoners of Bigg Boss 11

Bigg Boss season 10 was the first season whereby the common men were also allowed to take part in the show. The best part of the show was that despite the presence of several famous celebrities both from television and film industry of India, a common man named “Manveer Gurjar” went on to win the show.

It was from there on that there was no looking back for Manveer as he got extremely famous not only across India but all in every part of the world wherever Indians thrive.

One of the best friends of Manveer inside the Bigg Boss house was Manu Punjabi, another commoner. The friendship of both of them became exemplary for all not just inside the Bigg Boss house but even after the show ended. The two are regular spotted now, spending time with each other, clicking selfies and socializing.

Manu Punjabi & Manveer Gurjar

With the Colors television’s recent announcement about the registration of Bigg Boss 11 for commoners, Manveer has uploaded an extremely funny video of himself along with Manu Punjabi, where both can be seen dancing and having fun with each other.

The important part of the video is that both Manveer and Manu Punjabi are encouraging the commoners to participate in the upcoming season of Bigg Boss, which will hit the television screens later this year.

Here is the video:

Manveer also posted on social media that he and Manu entered the Bigg Boss house as commoners but left the house as celebrities. He further mentioned that both of them lived the life to its fullest inside the house, ruled the Bigg Boss house and their overall journey was a fantastic one.

Lastly, Manveer mentioned that when the two of us can go that far in Bigg Boss, then any commoner can do wonders provided that he/she has got the guts to do so.


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