Iqbal Khan not interested to participate in Bigg Boss 10

Well, as we all know that Bigg Boss Season 10 will be hitting the television screens later this year and the speculations are that this season will be extremely famous. While there are millions and billions of reality television shows and especially “Bigg Boss”, there are also some people who do not like being part of reality shows. This is probably because either they do not want to be in the limelight or they have had some pretty bad experience. Same is the case with the famous television actor “Iqbal Khan”.

Iqbal Khan - bigg boss 10
Iqbal Khan

Iqbal Khan, as we all know is a very dashing and handsome actor who is returning to the television play after a break. His new soap “Waaris” will be starting on “&TV” very soon and he is very excited about it. He stated that his character in this soap is very different and audiences will definitely like it.

However, when a journalist asked a question to Iqbal Khan that if he is offered to participate in the “Bigg Boss Season 10”, will he accept the offer or not, he promptly replied negatively. In fact, his reply was quite shocking for a lot of people as he said that rather than taking part in a show like Bigg Boss, he would be happy to look after his father’s apple orchards in Kashmir.

He further added to his statement that he is not a Bigg Boss type of material. He also said that he is a private persona and he does not like being watched on national television 24/7. He also added that he does not want people to know regarding what he does in his everyday life and how he does the things all day around.

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Now, only time will tell whether this statement actually came as a popularity stunt or did he really mean what he said. Remember, that in the past, we have had some Bigg Boss contestants who initially said “no” to the show but once they were offered whooping amounts of money, they agreed and also did appear in the show.


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