Episode 95 – Manu, Manveer and Lopamudra Become the Finalists

Bigg Boss 10 – Episode 95 – First Posted on 21st January 2016

In today’s Bigg Boss 2017 episode, Lopamudra, Manu and Manveer were seen discussing yesterday’s task and plotting their revenge.

Lopamudra was still upset with Rohan and both of them had a big argument regarding yesterday. Bigg Boss then announced that the task was being resumed now and the teams would have opposite roles today than they had yesterday.

It was also announced that team Manu had held on to the red marks for four hours thirty minutes. If team Rohan was to win, they must hold on to the red marks for at least four hours thirty minutes otherwise team Manu would win.

The task resumed and as Manu splashed a bucket of water onto Bani, she fell and Rohan followed her. Mona Lisa also gave up the task easily and thus, team Manu won the task.

Bigg Boss then congratulated team Manu and also announced that all three contestants of the losing team, that is, Mona, Bani and Rohan were being nominated for elimination.

It was also announced that the three contestants from the winning team, that is, Lopamudra, Manu and Manveer became the finalists of the season. Also read about bigg boss season 10 – 2017 winner.

Later on, Bigg Boss announced that the housemates must give names of two contestants, one from each team who underperformed in the task and would go to jail. The housemates had a huge argument regarding this as none of them wanted to go to jail.

After a lot of discussion and arguments, Bani and Lopamudra were sent to jail and were ordered to stay there until Bigg Boss’s next announcement.

Late at night around 2 am, both of them were released from the jail by Bigg Boss.

In tomorrow’s Bigg Boss episode, Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan will have a blast with some of their fast friends from Bollywood.


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