Episode 94 – Bigg Boss Contestants Go Through the Most Challenging Task

Bigg Boss 10 – Episode 94 – First Posted on 20th January 2016

In today’s Bigg Boss episode, Bigg Boss called Mona Lisa and Vikrant inside the confession room and asked Vikrant to leave the Bigg Boss house.

Bani then read a letter from Bigg Boss which stated that Bigg Boss was giving a task to the housemates which will give them an opportunity to reach the finale. It was also stated that this task will have direct effect on this week’s nominations. The losing team would be at loss and will have to face the music.

Two teams were made; one team consisted of Rohan, Mona and Bani while the other team consisted of Manu, Manveer and Lopamudra.

All the members of one team at one time were tied with a chord and were supposed to hold a red mark for as long as they could. The opposing team had to try that the team in front of them loses their hands from the red mark. Rohan’s punishment to stay nominated for the whole season was also ended and he was also asked to fully participate in the task.

The task started and team Manu, Manveer and Lopamudra was on the receiving end while the other team started to distract them. Bani was most active in the task and started attacking Lopamudra. While she held onto the red mark, Manu lost his grip and was eliminated from the task.

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Next, Lopamudra also lost her grip while Manveer held on for a very long time until the task came to an end for today.

In tomorrow’s episode, Bani, Lopamudra and Rohan will be on the receiving end and the other team will leave no stones unturned to win the task.



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