Episode 93 – Mona Lisa and Vikrant Tie the Wedding Knot

Bigg Boss 10 – Episode 93 – First Posted on 19th January 2016

In today’s Bigg Boss 10 episode, the contestants woke up with a traditional wedding song. When the housemates came out in the garden area, it was beautifully decorated.

Bigg Boss then announced that it was the time for the next big tradition associated with weeding, called “Mehndi“.

For this purpose, a few artists were also being sent in the house so that the female contestants could have Mehndi on their hands. Bigg Boss also sent beautiful traditional outfits for all the housemates including Antara Biswas [Mona Lisa] and Vikrant.

Afterwards, Mona’s mother came inside the house to participate in the wedding. Also, some Bhojpuri stars joined the wedding preparations along with Vikrant’s sister. Bigg Boss then called Mona Lisa inside the confession room and congratulated her for her wedding.

Both Mona and Vikrant then tied the wedding knot. Bigg Boss also arranged a reception party for all the housemates as well as guests. Bigg Boss played some Bhojpuri romantic wedding songs and all the housemates danced and enjoyed a lot.

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Bigg Boss then announced that a special room had been organized for Mona and Vikrant’s special wedding night. Bigg Boss then thanked all the guests for participating in the wedding and asked them to leave the house.

Later on, Bani Judge and Rohan Mehra went into an argument as Bani was complaining about others not helping her and Manveer Gurjar in household chores. Rohan got upset for no reason at all and started bickering about Bani.

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In tomorrow’s episode, a very challenging and enduring physical task would be given to housemates, which would give them an opportunity to reach the finale.



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