Episode 90 – Superstar Govinda Comes to Bigg Boss Show

Bigg Boss 10 – Episode 90 – First Posted on 16th January 2016

In today’s Bigg Boss episode, Salman Khan came to the stage and invited one of his best buddies from Bollywood industry “Govinda“. He came and shared some hilarious moments with Mr. Salman Khan.

Both of them then got in touch with the housemates and gave them some funny tasks. They also asked the contestants to give some funny and even not so funny titles to each other.

Lopamudra gave the title of Rondu number 1 to Mona Lisa while Manu gave the title of Matlabi number 1 to Rohan Mehra. Bani on the other hand gave her the title of Pakao number 1.

Salman then invited Krishna Abhishek to the stage and since he is the nephew of Govinda, both of them had some hilarious time. They also cut some very funny jokes and that was quite enjoyable for Salman Khan. Govinda then mentioned that he had come to promote his upcoming film called “Aa Gya Hero”.

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Next, the team of “Comedy Nights Bachao” also joined them to add some more flavor to the show. Salman then also arranged wrestling matches for the housemates in the activity area in which Manveer beat Rohan and Bani beat Mona Lisa.

Salman Khan then signed off from today’s episode and mentioned that Bharti Singh was going to inside the house to have some fun with the housemates.

She gave some fun tasks to the contestants and they had a lot of fun.

In tomorrow’s episode, the housemates would be given a very challenging task called “Postman“. This would be a nomination based task in which the housemates would either have to receive the parcels sent from their family members and get nominated or destroy the parcel and save them from elimination.


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