Episode 85 – Ticket to Finale Week Task Given to Housemates

Bigg Boss 10 – Episode 85 – First Posted on 11th January 2016

In today’s Bigg Boss episode, Nitibha and Manveer were seen indulged in another argument regarding cleaning utensils. Mona Lisa also jumped in, taking Manveer’s side which did not go very well with Nitibha.

After that, Bigg Boss gave a ticket to the finale task to the housemates, which was called Solar System. By winning this task, one of the housemates would get the ticket to the finale week.

According to this task, an artificial solar system was made in the garden area in which the housemates had to circle in four orbits, holding bowls of water in their hands. With this, the contestants had to save their water and also had to try to empty bowls of others.

Also, Lopamudra was given an advantage as she had won yesterday’s task. The advantage was that Lopa had to start from the second orbit.

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The task started and after doing quite well initially, Mona Lisa gave up and she was eliminated from the task. Next, the task resumed in the second orbit and Lopamudra fell after some time, thus she was also eliminated from the task. While circling in the third orbit, Nitibha fell very badly and got out of the game.

When the task paused, Manu and Manveer made a strategy to spill Bani’s water. Bigg Boss though announced that the task for today was being paused now and it would be resumed tomorrow.

In tomorrow’s episode, it was shown that Bani, as usual, would give up the task without completing it, letting Manu and Manveer win the task.

Bigg Boss would then give Manu and Manveer a chance to win the ticket to finale week by convincing people in a shopping mall to vote for them.


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