Episode 79 – Bigg Boss Contestants Underperform Yet Again

Bigg Boss 10 – Episode 79 – First Posted on 4th January 2016

In today’s episode, Nitibha was seen offended from Manveer and she talked to Bani about this. She said that Manveer did not respect her as an individual and she did not like this.

Bigg Boss then called Mona Lisa and Rohan Mehra inside the confession room and told them that the housemates would soon be given a task.

According to this task, the housemates would be able to win back the original prize money of the show which was fifty lacs. However, both Mona and Rohan had to attach every housemate to a certain amount given by Bigg Boss. That amount would actually be added to the current prize money which was fifteen lacs and six Indian rupees.

Mona and Rohan gave 1109,000 to Lopamudra, 990,000 to Manveer, 700,200 to Manu, 600,350 to Bani, 100,000 to Nitibha and 444 to Swami Om.

The task was later one explained to all the housemates in which Mona Lisa and Rohan were made the jailers and they were required to run a goods train. All others would be tied and made to sit in a connected container.

After the buzzer would ring, Mona and Rohan would be able to release one contestant and after that, one housemate would also be able to quit the task according to his own choice. The contestant who would quit according to his own choice would become a captaincy contender but then the amount which is associated with him/her would not be added to the prize money of the show.

The task started and Bani left the task as expected mentioning that she wants to become a captaincy contender. Next, Mona and Rohan released Lopamudra and Swami Om himself quite the task.

Afterwards, the task for the day was paused by Bigg Boss which would be resumed tomorrow.

In tomorrow’s episode, Swami Om would yet again spoil another task and the contestants would again become physical.



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