Episode 75 – Bigg Boss House Remains Upside Down

Bigg Boss 10 – Episode 75 – First Posted on 31st December 2016

In today’s Bigg Boss episode, Bigg Boss announced that Rohan was called inside the confession room sometime ago but he was not ready to accept his mistake.

However, Bigg Boss was giving him one last chance otherwise he will have to face the music.

Rohan at last came out of the washroom but went to the bed straight away, protesting. The next morning, Lopamudra and Swami got into a fight when Swami Om called her a bad woman. He instigated her fully and Rohan was again about to beat him but the housemates interfered, clearing the situation for time being.

After that, Bigg Boss asked Manveer to give the names of those two contestants whom he wanted to punish. He gave the names of Gaurav and Swami Om and both were sent to jail.

Next, Bigg Boss gave a task named “Manveer’s Court” according to which, Manveer was made the judge. Manu was made Swami Om’s lawyer while Rohan was made Gaurav’s lawyer.

Both the lawyers had to convince the judge that their respective clients are innocent and should be released from jail. Bigg Boss announced that only of these two would be released from jail at the end of task, based on Manveer’s decision.

The task started and the arguments got quite heated up when Bani was called to the witness box and asked about her mom’s incident.

She and Manu got into a huge fight when Manu called that she did all this to take some extra footage.

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At the end of the task, Manveer gave his decision in favor of Swami Om and he was released from the jail. Bani though became extremely hurt emotionally and started crying.

In tomorrow’s episode, Salman Khan will go inside the house to celebrate the new year with housemates.


  1. Big boss 2016 main apki awaz ka fan hu, mujhe big boss pasand ha par isme ana bhi pasand hai, par aam aadmi kaha se aa payega . atul kapoor sir i know your voice, from iron man movies dubed in hindi

    Your voice is so respective fully.


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