Episode 73 – Swami Om Continues Playing his Dirty Game

Bigg Boss 10 – Episode 73 – First Posted on 29th December 2016

Today’s Bigg Boss episode started off with another drama by Swami Om when he was seen talking to Bigg Boss even before the contestants woke up.

After spoiling yesterday’s luxury budget and captaincy contender task, Swami Om was seen requesting Bigg Boss to declare him as the new captain of the house.

The day started and the task was resumed and suddenly, a storm hit the house. Bani was the last one to enter the igloo and hence she got disqualified from the task. After that, Swami Om yet again blocked the entrance of the igloo so that no one would be able to get inside.

Rohan again got into a fight with Swami Om and asked him to stop playing his dirty games inside the house. Later on, Bani and Gaurav fought over a childish thing and Bani refused to have food along with Gaurav. As usual, Gaurav tried to clarify his viewpoint but Bani left.

Back to the task and Bigg Boss yet again had to interfere and mentioned to Lopamudra to draw a line and all of the contestants were supposed to stay behind it.

The next storm hit the house and a huge argument started off as to whether Lopamudra or Swami Om had entered the igloo last. The argument was going nowhere when Bigg Boss had to yet again interfere, disqualifying Swami Om from the task.

The next storm came and Lopamudra entered the igloo last, hence getting disqualified.

Manveer told Manu that he would himself stay back so that Manu and Rohan could become the captaincy contenders.

However, Swami Om sat near the entrance of the igloo yet again and as the final storm hit, Swami Om got physical and strangled Rohan. Yet, Rohan was able to go inside along with Manveer but Gaurav and Lopamudra yelled at Swami Om for his cheap tactics.


  1. jis tarah bager namak mirchi ke bina sabji me swad nahi hota usi tarah om g Bigg boss 10 ka wo tadka hai sab ki soch khelne ka tarika ek jesa nahi hota wo dill SE khel rahe hai……

  2. This season big boss not good. Big boss not talking any action against Swamy. He is telling against every one’s parents. Using bad words in this season. Only seliberities r playing good. All others r using bad words.


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