Episode 70 – No Housemate Gets Eliminated Today

Bigg Boss 10 – Episode 70 – First Posted on 26th December 2016

In today’s Bigg Boss episode, Salman Khan was joined on stage by the beautiful Bollywood actress “Sonakshi Sinha”.

She had some chit chat with Salman Khan and then went inside the house where all the housemates were having a Christmas party.

Sonakshi then played a fun game with the housemates in which they were supposed to guess that which particular statement was put forward by which contestant.

Also, if they would guess incorrectly, they would have to drink a bottle of Appy fizz in one breath as part of their punishment. The task went on and everyone enjoyed it as there was a lot of fun to it.

After that, Manish Paul came to the stage and seeing Salman not there, he announced that he would be hosting the show from now on wards. This was obviously just a joke and the audience sitting there also got involved as some of them did the mimicry of Bigg Boss while others of other housemates.

Salman and Sonakshi both then came to the stage and Salman played the game “I am not afraid of the slap” with her. Salman asked some really fun questions to Sonakshi and she gave some witty answers.

The same game was then played with Manish Paul who was also quite entertaining.

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After that, Salman talked to housemates and played a fun game with them too. He also played the clips when their family members had come to meet them. The family members of some housemates were also present today and Salman called them on stage.

Salman then mentioned to Mona Lisa that she was safe today and said that now the friendship of Gaurav and Bani would be tested. However, he then mentioned that Bani as well as Gaurav were safe too and no one was going to be eliminated too.

In tomorrow’s episode, a secret task would be given to housemates where Bani and Gaurav’s personalities will be tested.


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