Episode 7 – Priyanka Jagga Eliminated from Bigg Boss 10

Bigg Boss 10 – Episode 7 – First Posted on 24th October 2016

Well, today’s episode started off with a very cute dance performance by Salman Khan after which he mentioned that he had declared Manu Punjabi safe from elimination, last night. He then mentioned that either one out of the three remaining three nominated contestants will be eliminated from the show tonight.


Salman was quite witty today and he first of all showed some photos of different angles of Swami Om Jee and asked various housemates to comment on those.

Salman then told to audience that the housemates were asked to rank themselves from number 1 to number 15 yesterday. This ranking had to be based on what housemates think of themselves that how popular they have become among the audience on the basis of their performance inside the Bigg Boss house during the first week.

After quite a few arguments, the housemates arranged themselves in an order according to which Rahul Dev stood on number one position.

Next four ranks were also give to celebrities while sixth rank went to Manu Punjabi followed by Manveer Gurjar on the seventh rank. Swami Om Jee was given the last rank and he was not very happy about it.


However, Salman Khan did not agree to this ranking and mentioned that Rahul Dev did not deserve that number one spot as he had not done anything special during the first week. After that, Salman Khan called on stage, the veteran ex Bigg Boss contestants “Kamya Punjabi“.

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As expected, Kamya was spot on with her analysis and showed the housemates a very real picture of their performance. She praised commoners a lot and asked the celebrities to wake up.


At the end of the episode, Salman Khan straight away announced that Priyanka Jagga had been eliminated from the show.


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