Episode 65 – Bigg Boss gets Furious over Swami Om

Bigg Boss 10 – Episode 65 – First Posted on 21th December 2016

In today’s episode, Bigg Boss gave a new luxury budget task to the housemates which was called “BB Hostel“.

It was a very unique and interesting task according to which, there were four couples in the house having 4 boyfriends and 4 girlfriends each. The couples consisted of Manveer Nitibha, Gaurav Bani, Rohan Lopamudra and Mona Manu. The Bigg Boss house was supposed to change into boys hostel and girls hostel.

Priyanka was made the strict warden of girls hostel while Swami Om was made the strict warden of boys hostel. It was also mentioned that this task will have an effect on captaincy.

According to this task, the couples had to exchange love letters between them and the wardens were supposed to hinder. If the four couples overall would exchange more than 20 love letters between them, they would win while if they would exchange less than 20 letters, the wardens’ team would win.

The task started and Rohan and Lopamudra went inside the bathroom to write the letters and Swami Om started banging the door hard. Swami Om went absolutely mad and Bigg Boss had to intervene in between.

Bigg Boss was so furious over Swami Om that it was hard to believe. All the housemates were called to the living area again and Bigg Boss clearly mentioned that there was no physicality allowed inside the house.

The task then resumed after some time and Priyanka had a huge fight with Mona Lisa. Priyanka, as expected, became quite personal and passed some very nasty comments to Mona Lisa.

After that, Swami Om once again got physical with Rohan and that was when Bigg Boss asked all the housemates to pause the game. Swami Om was called inside the confession room and Bigg Boss threatened him that if he was seen misbehaving one more time, he would be kicked out of the house.

In tomorrow’s episode, Gaurav and Bani would get a friendly dinner date but unfortunately, Swami Om and Priyanka would continue torturing others.


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