Episode 64 – Bani, Gaurav and Mona Lisa Nominated for Elimination

Bigg Boss 10 – Episode 64 – First Posted on 20th December 2016

In today’s Bigg Boss 10 episode, it was shown that Mona’s boyfriend sent some clothes for her.

After that, Bani Judge and Gaurav Chopra were having a chat which turned into an argument and eventually a fight. Gaurav said to Bani that she was doing a drama and Bani said that she could not trust him ever again.

Bani was still upset about last week’s nominations and Gaurav ultimately walked away in anger.

After that, Nitibha Kaul read a letter which stated that UC Browser had conducted a poll all across India according to which Mona Lisa, Manveer Gurjar and Rohan Mehra were the most trending housemates.

These three housemates were given a chance to go to UC browser booth and watch some of the most trending clips.

When Manveer went inside the booth, he saw the clip where Bani and Gaurav were discussing about Manveer and Mona’s relationship.

Manveer came out of the booth and he was extremely furious and started yelling at Bani and Gaurav. Manu as usual took the side of Manveer and all the commoners were really pissed off.

Mona started crying in despair as she thought her image was being destroyed on national television. Mona Lisa also started blaming Bani for being very close to Jason Shah.

After that, Mona saw the clip where her boyfriend and Manu’s fiancée were talking about Mona and Manu’s relationship inside the house.

After that, nominations started and Bigg Boss announced that Lopamudra Raut had been safe from nominations since she was a captain this week. Also, Swami Om was safe since he had been given an immunity of two weeks by Bigg Boss last week.

Lopamudra was given a special right to nominate one contestant and she took the name of Bani.

The contestants which were nominated for elimination included Bani, Mona Lisa and Gaurav.

In tomorrow’s episode, a light hearted task would be given to housemates which would lighten up the mood of all. However during the task, Swami Om would get physical and would also destroy the bathroom’s door.


  1. Its a disgrace big boss. Manu u havent increased the trp of the show.we r very upset with this reality show where everything is scripted. Manu manveer n mona have been playing in groups from the beginning n have always spoke ill about housemates.sometimes abused them too. Big boss why cudnt u show the clippibgs og manu n manveer to gaurav n bani. Why . Its so boring to watch only the 3 dominatint the show. As if they have paid big boss to be in the show. Great. Bsni n gaurav r strong players n r decent as compared to the commoners. Lopa mudra is a senseless fake n vibdictive person. Right from the beginning we can only see her egoistic n vindictive behaviour towards bani. Her reasons for nominating bani yesterday was really amusing. That cannot be the reason for her to nominate bani at sll. All said n done. Gaurav n bani we just live u guys together. Stay strong

    • Totally agree with your comment…they have told so many things. Mannus fiance told any things about them. When baba spoke really ugly things about mona and mannu these people didn’t react this much. Later they were hugging baba and made mona forgive baba too. Bani and Gaurav didn’t say anything that ugly comparing to this vulgar baba


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