Episode 62 – Manveer and Bani Become Safe from Elimination

Bigg Boss 10 – Episode 62 – First Posted on 18th December 2016

In today’s Bigg Boss Season 10 episode, Salman Khan showed highlights of the last week and also summarized it for the viewers.

Salman then mentioned that Jason Shah was still suffering from stomach problem which was why he had gone out of the house. He furthermore told that some entertainers from the Colors television family will be joining him to celebrate the new year and Christmas.

Salman then condoled Manu Punjabi for his mother had passed away a few days ago. An argument then started between Swami Om and Lopamudra regarding Lopa’s yesterday comment on him.

Swami Om yet again tried to give his stupid and insensible comments and just made fun of himself. Salman again took his class saying that Swami Om’s thought was terribly bad.

Salman then asked regarding who deserved to sit on Khalnayak chair this weekend. Majority of housemates took the name of Gaurav and thus he was made to sit on the chair. Salman then asked him regarding what had happened during the nominations.

Gaurav however was a bit emotional and upset and quite a few housemates came hard at him. Even Bani was angry with Gaurav and it all looked quite ugly eventually. Manveer, Nitibha and Priyanka got involved too and their fight started with Gaurav.

Salman then discussed both luxury budget and captaincy tasks with the housemates. Meanwhile, he also mentioned that Manveer had been safe from elimination this week.

Appy fizz caller then asked Swami Om that why did he steal fruits from the kitchen and the caller also expressed his sheer love for Bani. Next, Salman Khan announced that Bani was also safe from elimination.

In tomorrow’s episode, one housemate will be eliminated out of the three remaining unsafe ones namely Lopamudra, Nitibha and Rahul Dev.



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