Episode 61 – Lopamudra’s Captaincy Brings Chaos in the House

Bigg Boss 10 – Episode 61 – First Posted on 17th December 2016

In today’s Bigg Boss episode, Bani and Gaurav were seen talking to each other as amicable friends. Gaurav was also seen saying that without Bani, his journey in this show would be next to impossible.

Later in the day, Bigg Boss asked Lopamudra to give the names of those five contestants whom she wanted to punish and also give a valid reason for that.


Lopamudra firstly gave the name of Swami Om mentioning that it was due to him that no luxury budget points had been given to the house. Next, she gave the name of Priyanka stating that she was quite rude. The third name given by her was of Gaurav, since he had cost her some points in the task.

She next gave the name of Bani mentioning that she did not perform well in yesterday’s captaincy task. Last, she took the name of Nitibha mentioning that she was very strong.

After that, Bigg Boss announced that these 5 contestants had been chosen by Lopamudra for punishment. However, Bigg Boss was giving them an opportunity to turn this punishment into reward.


These five contestants were made to stand in a line in the garden area and were supposed to catch gift boxes thrown from time to time.

Nitibha was able to catch the gift box and she was given a letter from her mother. Gaurav was also successful and he was given a chance to have a dinner date with someone from the house. Gaurav chose the name of Bani for a friendly dinner date.

Next, Bani, Swami Om and Priyanka were unable to catch the gift boxes. Bigg Boss later on announced that these three were to be punished by Lopamudra. Two of them would go to jail and one would hold a placard with the words “Lopamudra : I am sorry”. Lopamudra asked Swami Om and Bani to go to jail and Priyanka to hold the placard.

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Neither Bani nor Priyanka was willing to go to jail with Swami Om. Also, Lopamudra accused Swami Om of having a dirty character and a huge fight began in the house regarding this blame.

In tomorrow’s episode, many actors from the Colors channel family will join the housemates and perform some fun activities with them.


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