Episode 56 – Priyanka Jagga Apparently Eliminated and Taken to the Secret Room

Bigg Boss 10 – Episode 56 – First Posted on 12th December 2016

Today’s Bigg Boss Season 10 episode started off with a great dance performance by Salman Khan. Salman then mentioned that Sahil Anand had been eliminated from the show yesterday and one more contestant would be eliminated tonight but of course, the housemates are still not aware of this.


Salman further mentioned that Jason Shah has not been feeling too well which is why, he has been taken to the hospital. However, he is doing fine lately and will be back to the Bigg Boss house soon.

After that, Bharti Singh and Krishna Abhishek joined Salman on stage in the avatar of school going kids.


Next, Salman Khan played the old game “Thappar se darr lagta hai (I am afraid of the slap)” with the housemates. Firstly, Swami Om was invited to play who was followed by Bani and Lopamudra.

After that, Salman introduced double roles of Bani, Mona Lisa and Swami Om played by different comedians and they were quite hilarious.


Afterwards, three friends of Bigg Boss contestants’ joined Salman Khan on stage. Rohan’s friend and co star “Hina Khan” and Bani’s friends “Nitin” and “Sheetal” were there to discuss and analyze various housemates.

Salman Khan then fooled housemates by saying goodbye to them and mentioning that he would meet them next week.

However, Salman next introduced world famous mentalist from Israel named “Amir Lustig” on stage who performed some miraculous tricks. After that, the mentalist went inside the Bigg Boss house and stunned the housemates with his performance.


Just when the mentalist was about to leave the Bigg Boss house, he showed the name of Priyanka Jagga on a board. Bigg Boss then announced that Priyanka had been eliminated from the show tonight.

However actually, Priyanka had not been eliminated in fact she was taken to the secret room of the Bigg Boss house, while the housemates remain unaware of this fact.


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