Sahil Anand – Biography, Wiki, Personal Details, Age, Height

Sahil Anand is an Indian actor and a model too. He acted in different movies, and one of the top renowned among them is the Student of the year. He has been confirmed to be the fourth wild card entry in the Season 10 of Bigg Boss. For bigg boss 11 visit home page.

This is expected to bring a different turn to the show, where Bani J, his competitor in the Roadies is already there.

Sahil Anand

Sahil Anand
Sahil Anand

Personal life

Sahil Anand is a star of Bollywood, who has been a part of many important movies. He is a model and having a great physique, but you will not find many images of him bare bodied. So, it can be expected that you will not find many images of his like that in the show of Bigg Boss.

Sahil Anand has been in the Bollywood for quite some time and has been in many of the movies, TV shows and also has been an ambassador for many brands.

Sahil Anand Biography

Name: Sahil Anand
Birth Year: 1st January 1987
Age: 29
Height: 5 ft 9 inch
Origin- India
Present City: Mumbai
Career: Model, Actor
Relationship Status: Single

Career Details

At the initial stage, Sahil has been a model, but he later turned to an actor. However, acting and modeling all came after his stint in The Roadies 4. His role in the movie Student of the year marked a real difference, and that allowed him to take part in other movies as well.

His role there was of Jeet Khurana. He then went to two low-budget movies, and one of them is Babloo Happy Hai. Love Day is recent most among all the movies. He has also been for the television. This will not be the first time; he will be seen on the TVs. He was visible on the TV comedy show Roshni.

Sahil Anand appearance in Bigg Boss is hence going to bring a real difference. This is not the first time that a Roadies contestant came to Bigg Boss and most significant factor is that it has been two times when a Roadies contestant went to final.

In Bigg Boss

Priyanka and Sahil know each other before the show. It is not sure whether they met each other or not, but it is confirmed that they now each other. From there, it has been predicted that they will share the room and fight against Bani J, who is also a participant of Bigg Boss 10.

Sahil Anand

Regarding personality, Sahil is a good person and is smart too. He knows to carry his personality and is a candy figure known to many. So, he will be a perfect competitor to Rahul Dev and Jason Shah.

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Latest News

In some of the interviews, Sahil Anand stated that he has been dating a girl, but refused to disclose her name before the media. He is a smart person, who is a model too, but do not like to have super biceps and muscular abs.

Sahil Anand

Sahil Anand body is well-toned and he is the heartthrob of many. However, there are not many images, where he is found naked. So he is not going to sweat the viewers as Jason is ready to do.


  1. Sahil should just get out after what he did today. Prianka trusted him and he turned out to be a sissy….incapable of deciding for himself. He is another Bani follower! Followers can never be leaders and hence, don’t deserve to be in the show!


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