Episode 53 – Bani Leaves the Bigg Boss House Press Conference

Bigg Boss 10 – Episode 53 – First Posted on 9th December 2016

In today’s Bigg Boss Season 10 episode, Swami Om Jee was seen fighting with Rohan Mehra at the breakfast table. Their fight grew quite worse and both of them said nasty things.

Swami Om however was quite angry and rude towards Rohan and abused him as well.


Later in the day, Bigg Boss asked Gaurav Chopra to give names of those two contestants whom he liked to punish. Gaurav took the names of Swami Om and Lopamudra and obviously, neither of them liked this.

Bigg Boss ordered that the two of them had to go to jail right away. Swami Om almost got crazy and started yelling at Gaurav and called him a cheat. He was extremely disrespectful and despite the interference of other housemates, he did not stop.


Later on, Swami Om also fought with Lopamudra in the jail and said quite a few disgusting things right to her face.

Bigg Boss then announced that a press conference has been organized in the activity area and Gaurav and all the nominated contestants ought to attend it.


One of the journalists asked Gaurav about his and Bani’s friendship while another journalist asked a question about Bani’s and Lopamudra’s rivalry.

When VJ Bani tried to answer this particular question, Lopamudra interfered her time and again due to which Bani got pi**ed off and left the press conference. After Bani left the conference, she was extremely angry and upset too.


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In tomorrow’s episode, it was shown that a captaincy task will take place in the house, which would be quite physical.

During the task, Swami Om would say some very nasty things due to which Bani would get extremely upset. She would be even seen banging the main door of the Bigg Boss house in frustration.


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