Episode 51 – New Luxury Budget Task Given to Housemates

Bigg Boss 10 – Episode 51 – First Posted on 7th December 2016

In today’s Bigg Boss 10 episode, Bigg Boss gave the luxury budget task to the housemates which was called “BB Taxi Stand“.

In this task, Bani Judge and Manveer Gurjar were made the taxi drivers while Priyanka Jagga was the traffic police. The entire house was turned into a highway where Manveer and Bani had to drive taxis and take housemates from once point to another.


It was also mentioned that inmates cannot go here and there without taxi and for that, they would need to give some fare to the taxi driver. Each housemate was awarded with 2000 points to start off.


Priyanka was allowed to fine any housemate for breaking the rules of the task as well as the house, since the task was also meant for captaincy contenders from amongst Bani, Manveer and Priyanka.

The task started and as expected, Priyanka was quite harsh on the housemates and had some arguments with various contestants. However, today’s one of the bigger fights took place between Lopamudra and Priyanka.


Also, later on, Priyanka asked Rohan to give fine as he did not use taxi at all during the taxi.

However, Rohan Mehra said that this was no reason to be fined and a huge fight took place between them. Priyanka tried to snatch money from Rohan and in the process, both of them pushed each other.


Swami Om started his usual drama in front of camera, blaming Rohan for throwing Priyanka on the floor. This was though not at all correct and even Priyanka clarified that Rohan did not get physical with her at all.

In tomorrow’s episode, the task would continue and there will be some more intensity and fights among various housemates. Some emotional arguments will also take place firstly between Bani and Gaurav and then between Gaurav and Lopamudra.



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