Episode 47 – Gaurav Chopra Becomes the New Captain of Bigg Boss House

Bigg Boss 10 – Episode 47 – First Posted on 3rd December 2016

In today’s Bigg Boss 10 episode, Lopamudra and Nitibha were seen enjoying in the pool in their bikinis.


They also asked Priyanka to join them in the pool but she denied. Nitibha and Lopamudra pushed her in the pool but she unfortunately got injured. Priyanka, quite naturally became quite upset and cried in the restroom.

While she was there, Lopamudra and Nitibha came to calm her down but Priyanka became more upset. Meanwhile, Swami Om Ji came there and asked Priyanka that who had pushed her in the pool. He then started yelling at Nitibha and Lopa for pushing Priyanka and as a result, Lopa became quite upset and a fight started.


Swami Om then cried in front of camera, mentioning that her daughter’s leg was broken as a part of plan. Swami yet again started shouting at Lopa which was not liked by her at all. An ugly argument started between them from there on which grew really worse. Lopa even said to Swami that she would not hesitate in slapping him right at his face.

After that, the captaincy task continued and Gaurav emptied Manu’s test tube which meant that only Manveer and Gaurav were left as the contenders for captaincy. Bigg Boss then announced that the captaincy task was over and a new task will take place between Gaurav and Manveer later on.


In the captaincy task, both the contenders were supposed to paint a canvas. Gaurav was given blue color while Manveer was given yellow. The task was supposed to continue for two hours and the contestant whose color would be more visible at the end would win the task.


The task started and as both of the contenders were trying hard to win, Manveer suddenly slipped and his face hit against the floor. His bleeding got so worse and he had to see a doctor in the confession room.

However, Bigg Boss asked Lopamudra regarding who was the winner of the task. After some arguments and confusion, she finally took the name of Gaurav.

In tomorrow’s episode, Ranveer Singh and Vaani Kapoor will go to Bigg Boss house for the promotion of their film. Also, Mona’s boyfriend, Manu’s fiancé and Manveer’s sister in law will join Salman Khan on stage.


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