Episode 46 – Captaincy Task Continues Inside the Bigg Boss House

Bigg Boss 10 – Episode 46 – First Posted on 2nd December 2016

In today’s Bigg Boss 10 episode, Priyanka Jagga was seen doing some politics as she tried to have Manveer Gurjar on her side so that Manu Punjabi could get alone.


Meanwhile, the four nominated contestants, definitely quite exhausted kept on cycling. The captaincy task also continued and when the alarm rang, Lopamudra Raut emptied her test tube which meant that Mona Lisa was no more in the race of becoming a captain.

After that, almost all of the house went into an argument as the nominated contestants were very tired and wanted to rest by getting favor of other housemates. The argument grew quite worse and Elena Kazan and Lopamudra had a fight.

On the other hand, Nitibha Kaul and Priyanka also got into a huge argument. After that, Bigg Boss announced that the luxury budget task was over and since Priyanka’s performance was quite disappointing, she would not be able to take part in the captaincy task.


After the next alarm rang for the captaincy task, Sahil emptied his test tube which meant that Swami Om was out of the game. When alarm rang for the next time, Nitibha emptied her test tube and as a result of that, Lopamudra was ruled out of the chance to become the next captain.

After that, Mona Lisa got into an argument with Manveer which broke her down badly. In between this, Priyanka yet again found a way to make some conspiracy against Manu when she tried to convince Manveer that Manu is not his true friend.


However, later at night, Manu told Manveer that Priyanka had been trying to create a rift between the two of them so as to make herself strong in the house. However, both of them talked to each other and sought their differences.

In tomorrow’s Bigg Boss episode, Gaurav Chopra and Manveer will fight for the captaincy and the task will get quite heated up. Manveer will even fall accidentally, most probably hurting his face or forehead badly.


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