Episode 33 – Manu and Manveer yet again go to Bigg Boss Jail

Bigg Boss 10 – Episode 33 – First Posted on 19th November 2016

In today’s Bigg Boss 10 episode, Manu was seen criticizing Rohan for his captaincy. Bigg Boss later in the day called Rohan inside the confession room and asked him to give the names of two housemates for punishment.


Rohan called the names of Manu and Manveer and as a part of their punishment, they were supposed to stand inside two boxes placed inside the jail. Also, they were not allowed to go to jail’s bathroom without the permission of Rohan.

However, when Rohan announced this in front of all the housemates, Manu and Manveer straight away denied to go inside the jail.


Afterwards, Rohan and Lopamudra indulged into a huge fight and it grew so worse that Lopa even broke some kitchen items in ager. Bani also involved somehow in the fight as she took Rohan’s side.

Later on, Bigg Boss announced that the captain is made every week so that the Bigg Boss house can be run smoothly. However, it is also a prime responsibility of the housemates to listen to the captain and do whatever he wants them to do.

Bigg Boss yet again asked Rohan two names for punishment and he again took the same two names, that is, Manu and Manveer. Bigg Boss therefore announced that Manu and Manveer must go inside the jail immediately which they did.


Afterwards, Lopamudra and Lokesh also declined to do their respective work.

Also, in today’s episode, a fun task called “Garnier Man of the Series” was performed between Rohan and Gaurav, which was eventually won by Rohan.

In tomorrow’s episode, Salman Khan was seen mentioning that this week, double eviction will take place, which will definitely be a surprise for all the housemates. Also, Alia Bhatt will go inside the Bigg Boss house to promote her upcoming movie.


  1. Frankly speaking they r disgusting. Manu n manveer for me r very irritaing. They should in real jail. The kind of language they use . I think they r worst nvery disgusting. Mona i find a cheapster. Hope not to see her in big boss. Guys please support clean play not stupidity. The whole formT is stupid. See tge kannada bif boss. Amazing. The host Sudeep takes a stand and for the right.


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