Episode 29 – Karan, Rahul, Lokesh and Mona Nominated for Elimination

Bigg Boss 10 – Episode 29 – First Posted on 15th November 2016

Today was the nomination special episode of Bigg Boss Season 10. It was asked from Nitibha by Bigg Boss if she wanted to use her immunity this week as well or not.


Nitibha replied positively and it was announced that no one would nominate Nitibha. Furthermore, Bigg Boss announced that Bani, being the captain was also safe along with Swami Ji who had returned to the house as wild card entrant.

Nevertheless, Bigg Boss mentioned that since quite a few rules had been broken during Bani’s captaincy, she would not take part in the process of nominations as her punishment.

It was then announced that all the housemates had to nominate four contestants for nominations, after mutual consultation. A huge fight started among various housemates since it was hard to agree on the exact four names.


Manu even stood up from his place and was about to hit Swami when Rahul interfered in between. Mona also started yelling at Swami and took Manu’s side. Manu became very angry as usual and was looked quite rude.

Eventually, the four names which were nominated for elimination were Karan, Rahul, Lokesh and Mona.

Later on, Bani and Lopa indulged into a huge fight and passed several comments to each other. Adding fuel to fire, Mona came to Bani to point out some captaincy issues and another argument initiated from there on.


Manu was yet again seen teaching some lessons to Lokesh as if he was a boss at her.

In tomorrow’s episode, a very intense task would be given to housemates in which Swami Om will be tortured by Manveer and Manu. Also, another very intense fight will take place between Manveer and Rohan.



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