Episode 27 – Three Contestants in Danger of Eviction

Bigg Boss 10 – Episode 27 – First Posted on 13th November 2016

In today’s Bigg Boss 10 episode, Salman Khan analyzed the previous week by showing last week’s highlights.

Firstly, the bid for immunity medallion was shown followed by Bigg Boss’s announcement that no one would be commoner or celebrity now. Then, Salman as usual passed some very witty comments about Swami Om Jee.


Salman then taunted about Bani’s captaincy and very rightly pointed out her flaws. He then showed some of yesterday’s highlights where Manu was seen extremely angry inside the jail. He asked Bani to give him the key making an excuse to go to bathroom. However, once she opened the jail, Manu refused to go back inside again.

However after some time, Bigg Boss called Manu inside the confession room and asked him to go back to jail which he did.


Salman was however quite pissed off today generally regarding those housemates who were literally not doing anything and just laying on their beds. Salman mentioned the names of Karan, Rahul and Rohan that they were the least active housemates.

Salman also mentioned that the interest and commitment of commoners was better compared to celebrities. He also praised Mona Lisa for putting in the lowest bid during the immunity medallion task.

Later on, it was announced by Salman that Manveer had been safe from elimination this week.


Salman then took the class of Karan Mehra for he had made real confusion during the nominations and had put Lokesh in danger of elimination.

After that, an Appy Fizz caller talked to Manu and asked that why he had not been able to get support during the captaincy task. Salman then mentioned that one contestant out of three nominated ones namely Lokesh, Rahul and Navin will be eliminated tomorrow.

Moreover, the housemates will undergo a wrestling task in which Lopamudra and Bani while Gaurav and Manveer will compete against each other.


Not to forget, the very famous singer and music director “Himesh Reshammiya” will join Salman Khan on stage.


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