Episode 23 – Three Commoners and One Celebrity Nominated for Elimination

Bigg Boss 10 – Episode 23 – First Posted on 9th November 2016

In today’s Bigg Boss 10 episode, yesterday’s task was continued and Manu Punjabi received a call from Bigg Boss. He was asked to make Manveer shave his beard which he did and thus Manu was saved from nomination.


Manu then nominated Manveer who had to ask Rohan Mehra to wear female clothes and make up and stay like it until the next order of Bigg Boss. However, Rohan refused to do so and Manveer was nominated.

Next, Rahul was ordered by Bigg Boss to ask Naveen to sign a declaration according to which he would not be able to take part in any immunity task till the end of season. Naveen refused and thus, Rahul was also nominated for elimination.

bigg-boss-10-episode-23-first-posted-on-9th-november-2016-2Karan Mehra was next asked to ask Lokesh to declare than she herself wanted to be nominated for elimination.

Lokesh, after some confusion saved Karan and herself got nominated. Next was Naveen’s turn who was asked to make Nitibha Kaul give away her make up for the rest of the season. After quite a few fights and arguments among various housemates, Nitibha declined to do the task for Naveen and thus he got nominated too.

It was eventually announced that Manveer Gurjar, Rahul Dev, Lokesh Sharma and Navin Prakash had been nominated this week.

In tomorrow’s episode, the biggest twist of the season would take place. It was shown that Bigg Boss would announce that from now on wards, no one would be celebrities or commoners inside the house in fact, all will be treated as housemates.


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Even bigger, Swami Om Jee will enter the Bigg Boss house again and all the housemates would seem a little confused and stressed. Swami Om would say that despite that you do not want to see me here, I would stay here now till the end of the season.


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