Episode 18 – Nitibha and Karan sent to Bigg Boss Jail

Bigg Boss 10 – Episode 18 – First Posted on 4th November 2016

In today’s Bigg Boss 10 episode, Bigg Boss asked housemates that according to them, who was the one who performed the worst in the previous task from their respective teams.


After some arguments, the commoners team took the name of Nitibha Kaul while the celebrities took the name of Karan Ajay Mehra. After that, Bigg Boss ordered both of them to go to jail and stay there until the next announcement.

There was some argument still between Mona Lisa and other celebrities as she was still upset regarding her previous visit to jail.


After that, it was shown that Gaurav Chopra and VJ Bani were talking to each other and they spoke some sentences in English. Bigg Boss immediately announced that it was one of the most important rules that all the housemates must talk only in Hindi.

However, when they continued this, Bigg Boss became angry and announced that Bani, Gaurav and Rahul Dev are the ones who have been breaking this rule most often. Therefore, Bigg Boss gave them a punishment in the form of a laborious task.

According to this task, the three of them had to run a sewing machine which was there in the garden area. The machine had to operated by feet from one person at a time, however, at least two of them had to be around.

If at any time the machine would stop, the alarms would start ringing and if it was the night time, all the lights of the house would be switched on.

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The three kept on doing the task and alarms also rang once during the midnight. During the task, Bani also got into an argument with Gaurav regarding her behavior with other celebrities.

In tomorrow’s episode, it was shown that Bani and Lopamudra Raut will fight against each other in a competition to win the immunity for the next week.


  1. Hey biggboss,
    If English is not allowed in the house, Which is pretty good.
    Try and send your email’s and comment’s and questions on facebook in hindi too….
    I hope u won’t be offended. ..
    And by the way this time I missed my chance….any way cheers biggboss.

    Thank u biggboss. ..
    Sanjay Nathaniel.


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