Episode 16 – Bigg Boss House turns into a Royal Kingdom

Bigg Boss 10 – Episode 16 – First Posted on 2nd November 2016

Today’s Bigg Boss 10 episode was very interesting as Bigg Boss gave a new task to the housemates called “Raja and Rani“.


According to this task, the commoners were to become the royal family while the celebrities were to become their royal staff. The commoners were asked to rule the Bigg Boss house in a royal way while the celebrities had to serve the commoners in the best possible manner and make them happy.

Swami Om Jee was made the raja while Manveer Gurjar was made his son. Nitibha was to act as Manveer’s wife while Lokesh was supposed to play Swami Om’s daughter and Naveen as her husband. Manu Punjabi was asked to play the role of uncle of both Manveer and Lokesh Kumari.


From the celebrities team, Lopamudra Raut and Karan Mehra were made the royal cooks, while Gaurav Chopra was asked to play the royal adviser. Bani Judge was the bodyguard in the kingdom while Rohan Mehra was the entertainer.

Finally, Rahul Dev and Mona Lisa were to act as royal servants.

After that, Bigg Boss called Gaurav inside the confession room and gave him and his teammates a secret task whereby they had to click some photos using a hidden camera.

These photos were to be clicked in specific postures, for example, Lokesh while crying, Mona while kissing Manu on cheek, Swami Om while in Jacuzzi with a female, Manveer and Nitibha while dancing in the pool, Karan giving an oil massage to Naveen and some other situations.


Bigg Boss mentioned that if the celebrities lose in this task, they will no more be able to become the owners of the house. During the task, quite a few fights took place among various contestants, and a few got worse too.

In tomorrow’s episode, the same task would be continued with some more fun, excitement and fights.



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