Episode 13 – Diwali Special Elimination to Occur Tomorrow in Bigg Boss House

Bigg Boss 10 – Episode 13 – First Posted on 30th October 2016

Today was a Diwali special episode of Bigg Boss season 10 and just like the last week, it started off with Salman Khan standing in his room. He showed some glimpses of the last week and especially of Swami Om Jee.

Salman passed some very witty comments about his statements which he made during the last week.


Salman then came to the stage and wished everyone a happy Diwali. After that, Salman talked to housemates as usual and asked Rohan Mehra to give a performance just like he did during the laundry task.

Rohan gave a nice and funny performance, holding a broom in his hand.


Salman then asked everyone regarding who had been the villain of the house during the last week. The majority of housemates took the name of Navin Prakash and therefore, he was asked to sit on the Khal Nayak chair.

Salman straight away said to Naveen that whatever he had done during the two tasks was wrong and he should not have done it.

Also, Salman announced that Rohan was safe from elimination this week. Salman then asked Mona Lisa and others regarding the decision about sending a contestant to jail from celebrities team. Salman then announced that Mona was also safe from elimination this week.

Later on, an Appy Fizz caller talked to Navin and exposed his trick in front of all that he had deliberately not mentioned about his task with Lokesh, so that he could get to have a weak opponent to compete.


This definitely caused a lot of unrest in the commoners team and all of them condemned him. Afterwards, Salman Khan announced that both Manu and Manveer were also safe from elimination.

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In tomorrow’s episode, Salman will announce the elimination as Nitibha Kaul, Akanksha Sharma and Gaurav Chopra are still in the danger zone. Bharti and Karan will also join the stage and will be seen doing some hilarious activities.


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