Episode 10 – Commoners yet again become the Owners of Bigg Boss House

Bigg Boss 10 – Episode 10 – First Posted on 27th October 2016

Today’s Bigg Boss 10 episode was extremely nerve racking as it was just full of many ugly fights. First of all, VJ Bani had an argument with the commoners team when she asked any of them to make a cup of coffee for her.


However, none of them agreed to make coffee as they said they were busy preparing for the task. After that, the commoners team was seen plotting and planning against the celebrities team regarding the task.

The task started after some time and immediately the fight broke out due to snatching of clothes from the conveyer belt. The fight grew so worse that Navin Prakash almost got out of control and hit touched Rohan Mehra. Manu also got extremely angry and so was Manveer. Rohan also instigated the three of them by singing “just chill” song.


Afterwards, later during the task, Naveen once again interrupted in between and threw water on the clothes washed by the celebrities team. As a result, Bani Judge got very upset and threw water on Akanksha Sharma and Lokesh Kumari Sharma in desperation.

Bigg Boss later on announced that all four clothes washed by celebrities were rejected while one out of three clothes washed by commoners team was rejected.

As a result, the commoners won the task and yet again became the owners of the house.


In tomorrow’s episode, Bigg Boss would again ask for two names who underperformed in this task. It was shown that the commoners team called the name of Swami Om Ji however, he did not like this at all. Swami Jee called Manveer Gurjar a dishonest person and Manveer got extremely angry.

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In another task to win immunity between Lokesh and Naveen, it was shown that Naveen again got really angry over something. It seems as either Naveen really wants some desperate attention or perhaps he seriously needs some help.


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