Eight Contestants Nominated for Elimination

Today’s Bigg Boss 12 episode started off with yesterday’s fight between Saba Khan and Sreesanth as Sreesanth kept standing at the gate, insisting to get out of the house. However, after some more arguments and extremely supporting role played by Karanvir, everything got settled.

Bigg Boss then announced the very first nominations of the season 12. He further mentioned that since the first task had been rejected due to poor performance of a few contestants, no one was safe from elimination today.

The pairs were then called inside the activity room while the five singles were asked to stay in the living area. Bigg Boss showed the pictures of Romil Chaudhary, Nirmal Singh and Kriti Verma, Roshmi Banik to the singles and asked them to save one pair.

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Next, Saba, Somi and Jasleen, Anup Jalota pictures were shown followed by Urvashi Deepak and Shivashish Mishra, Saurabh’s pictures. The singles nominated the pairs of Kriti Roshmi, Saba Somi and Saurabh Shivashish. Next, the same thing was reversed for the pairs and they nominated Dipika Kakar and Srishty Rode after mutual consultation.

Bigg Boss finally announced that the contestants who were nominated for this week’s elimination were Kriti Roshmi, Saba Somi, Saurabh Shivashish, Dipika and Srishty. Later on in the day, an argument started between Kriti and Urvashi where Kriti was seen condemning Urvashi for not cleaning toilet seat properly.

Urvashi started crying and discussed the matter with Dipika. However, Kriti came to Urvashi, saying sorry and the matter was over sooner than expected.

In tomorrow’s episode, Sreesanth and Shivashish will indulge into a huge fight and Saurabh being Shivashish’s partner will also have an abusive argument with Sreesanth.

It seems as if Sreesanth’s temperament is not well suited to the format of the program and he will soon have to rethink and reformulate his strategy, should he wish to proceed far in the game.


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