Deepika Padukone – First Celebrity Guest on the Sets of Bigg Boss 10

Well, all of us are very well familiar with the kind of fame, the Bigg Boss show has got. Excitement for the season 10 of the show is already on a high considering the fact that for the very first time in the history of the show, commoners will also be entering the Bigg Boss house.

The best part of this exclusive feature is that the commoners will have as much opportunity to win the title as any of the celebrity would have. This definitely is a huge twist which has been introduced in the season 10 of the show.


Along with this feature, there is another aspect of the Bigg Boss show which is quite unique and that is, the participation of various celebrities from Bollywood for the promotion of their films.

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Yes, how many big names we have already seen in various seasons of Bigg Boss be it Akshay Kumar, Shahrukh Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Ajay Devgan, Emraan Hashmi and many more. How can we forget the last part of season 9 where Katrina Kaif was seen on the sets of the Bigg Boss show, promoting her film “Fitoor”.

Now the very first guess who make an appearance for the promotion of the film is none other than the heartbeat of millions around the globe. Yes, we are talking about “Deepika Padukone” who were seen promoting her upcoming Hollywood film.

Remember that the film “xXx : The Return of Xander Cage” is Deepika’s debut film in the Hollywood and is definitely a huge milestone in her career. If we talk about Deepika, she has very wisely chosen the Bigg Boss show for the promotion of her Hollywood movie as this show has got great TRP and millions of viewers watch the show all across the world.


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