Bigg Boss Season 10 Premiere Episode – 15 Contestants entered in the Bigg Boss House

Right, so today was eventually the launch of the season 10 of the famous reality show “Bigg Boss“. The show kicked off with the statement that Bigg Boss has been the most renowned reality television show in the history of India. It was then announced that for the very first time ever in the history, common people are also being given an opportunity to take part in the show. It was also mentioned that the show will go on for 15 weeks.


After that, Mr. Salman Khan was shown to take some of the individuals inside the Bigg Boss house and showed them around. He went to various parts of the house and also shared some famous memories. He mentioned that this house has been extremely romantic for a few people like Armaan Kohli and Tanisha Mukherjee. He then shared that quite a few individuals had entered the house as ordinary people but came out of the house as superstars, Sunny Leone being one of them.

In the kitchen area, Salman was shown to remember and share Dolly Bindra’s famous fight with Manoj Tiwari.

After that, Salman Khan entered the studio with a dashing dance performance and greeted everyone in his usual style. He told that millions of people from all across India had sent their video auditions and out of those, 8 were selected by the panel who would be taking part in the show. Next, Salman Khan started introducing the contestants one by one.

Firstly, Swami Omji was called onto the stage who said that his dream was to make this world a heaven. He also mentioned that he sleeps for only two hours out of 24 hours and he keeps on serving others for 22 hours every single day.

Next, Lopamudra Raut appeared on the stage as the first celebrity contestant of the night. She has been a beauty pageant winner and gained most of the fame from there.


After that, Manveer Gurjar was called on the stage who came from a small village and was a farmer by profession. He told that he has a huge family and he loves to lead a carefree life.

Next was the turn of Nitibha Kaul who was another commoner. She told that she is actually from Kashmir but currently lives in Delhi where she was working in Google India. She though mentioned that since her office could not approve of such a long leave from work, she had to resign from the job to take part in the show.


Next, Rohan Mehra made an appearance followed by VJ Bani, the famous MTV host. After the two of these, another commoner Lokesh Kumari Sharma was called onto the stage who was quite a bubbly character and she seemed to be a little over confident about herself. Next, Karan Mehra entered the stage with a dance performance who was there to take part in the show was a celebrity contestant.

The next entry was made by a commoner Akanksha Sharma whose most interesting part was that she is a wife of Yuvraj Singh’s younger brother. However, her story was quite sad and she quite bravely discussed that in front of whole of India that she and her husband had separated just after four months of marriage and she had a terrible time with him.

She mentioned that all she wants from her husband is freedom and divorce so that she can be happy. She appeared to be quite a strong personality and her parents were also there to support her.

Next, Gaurav Chopra made an appearance as another celebrity contestant followed by a commoner from Jaipur named Manu Punjabi.

After that, Priyanka Jagga, another commoner was seen who appeared to be very young and beautiful. However, everyone was surprised when she told that she was married and had two cute sons. Rahul Dev was the next person to enter the Bigg Boss house as a celebrity contestant.

Naveen Prakash was the last commoner to enter the house who is a teacher by profession. After that, the famous Bhojpuri star “Antara Biswas” entered inside the house.

In this way, 15 contestants were completed who initially entered the house to compete for the eventual title.

Salman Khan mentioned that the audience will be able to watch daily episodes or live feed of Bigg Boss from Mondays to Fridays at 10 : 30 pm and on weekends at 9 : 00 pm Indian time.


The most exciting aspect of today’s premier was that the famous Indian superstar “Deepika Padukone” entered the Bigg Boss house to spend some time with the contestants. She was there to promote her upcoming international film “XXX : The Return of Xander Cage” which will be released in January 2017.



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