Bigg Boss 11 6th October 2017 Full Episode Written Update – Shilpa, Akash and Zubair go to Bigg Boss Jail

Today’s Bigg Boss episode started off with the journalist Shweta Singh who was talking to Pritam Singh and RJ Malishka Sharma regarding the current season of Bigg Boss and the various contestants.

They gave their viewpoints regarding all the housemates and overall believed that the top five contestants so far were Priyank Sharma, Vikas Gupta, Zubair Khan, Arshi Khan and Hina Khan.

Bigg Boss 11 – Episode 5, 6th October 2017

It was then shown in the show that Bandgi Kalra and Puneesh Sharma were plotting to act in front of the housemates as they were in love. Pritam and Malishka moreover said that they had initially liked Zubair but his attitude had let both of them down.

It was also shown that Arshi Khan called Hina Khan, a slimmer form of Dolly Bindra, who was one of the most notorious contestants in the history of Bigg Boss. Hina obviously did not like that at all and said that Arshi would be kicked out of the house, just like Priyanka Jagga was thrown out of the house during the last season.

Arshi also had a fight with Jyoti since Jyoti tried to imitate her. Arshi was about to hit Jyoti but Shivani was sensible enough to clean the air for the time being at least. Vikas and Shilpa once again got into a fierce argument as Shilpa dropped some tea on Vikas’s clothes and in return, Vikas deliberately threw tea over Shilpa’s clothes in the store room. Both of them almost got physical when Puneesh came in between and asked them to keep their cool.

Bigg Boss then asked the housemates to give the names of those three contestants whom they wanted to send to jail after mutual consultation. The three names which popped up were Arshi, Shilpa Shinde and Akash Dadlani, however, the neighbors saved Arshi and sent Zubair to jail in her place.

In tomorrow’s episode, Salman Khan will analyze the whole week for the audience and will also be seen taking the class of some of the housemates.


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