Singles Win the Luxury Budget Task

In today’s Bigg Boss 12 episode, yesterday’s task called “Pirates” was continued and today was the turn of singles to torture pairs.

Kriti and Roshmi were retained as the captains of the task while Sreesanth being unwell was not supposed to take part in the task physically. The task started off and the singles were asked that whom they wanted to make the prisoner from the pair of Somi and Saba. Karanvir called the name of Somi Khan.

Dipika threw all kinds of stuff on Somi and Saba Khan called Dipika a cheap lady. The ring however was successfully snatched by the singles and Somi Khan lost the task for the pairs.

Next was the turn of Jasleen who gave up quite early and the singles yet again won this round. After that, Shivashish was made the prisoner and a lot of drama took place as Neha’s nails hurt Shivashish’s face. Shivashish however kept on sitting and won the round for pairs. Shivashish was quite upset but Neha said sorry to him and he gracefully accepted that. Urvashi was the next one to be made the prisoner who also won her part of the round. Bigg Boss at the end of the task declared that the singles had won the task and they were obviously very happy.

Jasleen and Dipika later on had an intense argument as Jasleen was of the view that Dipika was not a nice soul and she had hurt her again and again. Dipika also did not have good views regarding Jasleen and both of them have now a definite rivalry against each other.

In tomorrow’s episode, Karanvir, Shivashish and Romil will get into an intense fight and several heated arguments will take place among the three of them.


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