Sidhu Paaji is in Trouble after Cracking Vulgar Joke

If you have watched ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ then you definitely know about Sidhu Paaji. Imagine the show going on without the big man sitting in front and breaking into laughter frequently. Well, that would be more of a ‘try-hard’ show because if Paaji is gone, Kapil won’t be able to make it.

A matter of discussion at the moment is that one Arora (a senior advocate) has sued Paaji for joking vulgar stuffs in his popular late night TV show.

Did you watch the last Saturday’s episode where Ayushman Khurana and Parineeti Chopra paid a visit? Well, then you probably heard Paaji’s ‘Post Office’ joke. But why would anyone lodge a complaint against Paaji only for cracking jokes in his own show? Mr. Arora was having a fun time with his family watching the same episode and he couldn’t believe Paaji sharing such vulgar jokes in the middle of the fun time. Well, it was really embarrassing for him to have heard such a weird joke out of nowhere with his family members around.

It’s still hard to figure out which joke was pointed wrong by Mr. Arora as Tribune has not yet mentioned the actual joke against which the PIL was filed but it’s most likely the ‘Post Office’ joke. Here’s what the big man said to make the audience laugh…

“Hamare idhar ek bahut mote insaan they, thode buzurg bhi they… Wo bathroom karke bahar aaye… Maine kaha, Paaji tuhada post office khula hai… Wo kehta, Kaaka jin tizoriyo ke khazaane lut jaate hain, un par taale nahi lagaate…”

It may be hard to believe but Mr. Arora has demanded that Paaji should discontinue working with Kapil Sharma on the famous show.

Punjab Government, on the other hand, has bought some time to fix this issue and the next hearing is scheduled on 11th May (just a month away). It has been confirmed that the hearing will be addressed by Justice Darshan Singh and S.S Saron. Mr. Arora has disputed that if Paaji doesn’t disappear from the screens of the famous show, his other duties (as minister) would be greatly hindered.

This doesn’t seem to be a big problem but it’s sure some action will be taken against Paaji. The fans would say that there is nothing wrong in cracking a few jokes (doesn’t matter even if they are offensive) after all it’s a comedy show.

Do you think he will stop appearing on TKSS? Let us know in the comments below. Click here for bigg boss 11.


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