Rochelle Rao Dislikes Mandana’s Mean Comments for Lopamudra

Both Rochelle Rao and Mandana Karimi were seen in the season 9 of famous reality television show Bigg Boss.

Both of them fought against each other on a number of occasions inside the house. The general feedback was that Mandana was quite an insecure woman and Rochelle Rao was right in the majority of arguments.

Having said that, the two divas have yet been unable to solve their disputes and they are not on good terms with each other at all.

Yet again, Mandana and Rochelle have gone into an argument during the bigg boss 10 season. Mandana was seen as a guest in a recent task called “BB Mela (Fair)” in which she said something nasty to Lopamudra Raut.

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Lopa was quite upset once Mandana left the house and cried bitterly. Mandana had said to Lopa that she was quite disrespectful to Bigg Boss and her image was destroyed due to this. She further said Lopa was always talking about Bani behind her back while Bani had been extremely good to Lopa.

This did not go well with Rochelle Rao at all and she made use of social media to express her anger. She said that Mandana herself was quite rude and disrespectful to Bigg Boss in the last season and she was no one to say this to Lopa.

She also added that she was just sick and tired of negativity of Mandana and that she had no improvement in her attitude even after one year. Rochelle was of the view that the last week in the show is the time to encourage the contestants rather than discouraging them.


  1. Why is rochelle making such hue and cry about tgat comment. Big boss had sent her for a job inside n she has just done that. Just bcoz lopa has a title attached to her does not stop her from criticism.bani j has been through a lot of criticism but nobody raised such questions n frankly speaking lopa has been very rude not friendly not ready to accept her fault and very convenientkt blames bani j. Always bitching n jealousy . Infact with the support of rohan shr survived. Rohan spoilt is own game. Believe to survive in that house with so many enemies is the strength of bani j n kuddos to her for that.

  2. I Salman Khan I love you sweet heart M Anuppur distt. Se hu apne sayed hi ye naam suna hoga please next 11 big boss me mhe vi ek chans dijiyega please thanks u sweetu ummaaaa


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