Qandeel Baloch Will No More Be Able To Take Part in Bigg Boss Season 10

Well, we had broken the news a few days ago that the social media queen of Pakistan, Ms. Qandeel Baloch is the very first officially confirmed contestant of Bigg Boss Season 10. She made this announcement through her social media official page and since then, she was constantly in the headlines especially in Pakistan.

Qandeel Baloch - bigg boss 10 contestant
Qandeel Baloch

This was mainly because she had previously been also involved in quite a few controversies not just in Pakistan but also across the borders. In one of the videos she posted on the social media, she was seen offering a strip dance to Pakistani cricket team and on another occasion, she was seen proposing Mr. Imran Khan for marriage.

However, it is sad to say that our sources have revealed today that Qandeel Baloch will not be able to participate in the Bigg Boss Season 10 since she has been murdered in Multan, Pakistan.

Yes, you heard it absolutely right. Our sources from Pakistan have revealed that she was strangled to death early morning today as she was sleeping in her bedroom in her own house. What is more frightening is the fact that her real brother murdered her and then ran away with her mobile phone and cash.

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All in all, this is the first shocking news for the Bigg Boss 10 viewers since Ms. Qandeel Baloch was one of the wanted stars. She was one of the better fits for a reality television show like Bigg Boss.

Also, it will be a moment of worry for the producers of the show as well as the channel as they will now need to fill in someone in place of Qandeel Baloch, just a few weeks ahead of the start of the new season.


  1. I don’t believe it Bigg boss ji so sab news but ab Jo ho gyaa hai usko nazar andaz to nhi kar sakte humne kya kya socha tha k Bigg boss k ghar me hmlog bhut masti kare ge but kya kare hum ab to bb k ghar me aa k sab ko kuch dikhana hai Aur btana hai

  2. I wonder what the influential people in Pakistan, from all walks of life, are going to say about this episode. Are they going to be worried about making a statement and upsetting the male dominated society, and therefore refrain from making comments? I hope not. To those influential people, this is your chance to voice your opinion and change your society for the better, or else the country will spiral down the wrong path.


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