Qandeel Baloch – Biography, Wiki, Personal Details, Age, Height

Qandeel Baloch was born in Lahore on 15th November 1990. She has gained a lot of popularity over the years through the videos that she has shared on social media sites. These videos mainly deal with her everyday schedules and the projects that she takes on as her work.

Qandeel Baloch has even been compared to the likes of Kim Kardashian by many different international sites. She mainly rose to fame this year because of her little stunt of promising a stripping video dedicated to Shahid Afridi, if Pakistan won a world cup match.

Qandeel Baloch

Qandeel Baloch - bigg boss 10 contestant
Qandeel Baloch

Personal life

Qandeel is settled in Lahore and lives with her parents. At the age of 25, she has taken making videos as her career of choice through modelling was her initial interest. She still does modelling projects that come her way but has dedicated most of her time to making videos. She has completed her masters in Art from Lahore University.

She practices Islam as her religion and is a very orthodox Muslim according to her peers. She apparently stays away from drinking and smoking though it has not been confirmed yet. She is quite fluent in various languages like English, Islamic, Hindko, Potwari, and Balochi.

Qandeel Baloch Professional Life

When it comes to her professional life, she started off as a model. During her college days, she would model for small agencies and was not a well-known name in the industry. She actually shot to fame once she started making videos for social networking sites. She has a fan following not only in Pakistan but in many other countries as well.

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She makes videos on her daily routine and her video blogs also include the modeling projects that she takes on.

Qandeel Baloch Biography

Name: Qandeel Fouzia Baloch
Nickname: QB and Pinky
Date of birth: 15th November 1990
Died: 16th July 2016
Age: 25 years
Height: 5 feet 3 inches
Weight: 49 kgs
Marital status: Not married
Hometown: Lahore, Pakistan

Is Qandeel Baloch on Bigg Boss 10?

Qandeel Baloch has taken to the social media sites to inform her fans that she will be a contestant on the 10th season of the reality show Bigg Boss. Though she does not significantly have any particular professional life, yet she makes a substantial amount of money from the social networking site activities. Her videos have even been noticed in places like international news media houses like France Presse.

Qandeel Baloch

Controversial videos

Qandeel Baloch is often termed as a drama queen of Lahore. When the Pakistani cricket team was to play a match against the Indian team during the World Cup, she promised her viewers that she would strip for the camera. She made it public that if the Pakistani team won the match, then she would strip naked for her channel and make it a public video.

This controversial video also included a trailer released by her. The trailer showed her stripping a bit that was meant as a preview. But when the Pakistani team lost, she went on to create a ruckus on the video, where she completely broke down.


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