The Man Who Had Been Beaten By Govinda in 2008 Might Appear In Bigg Boss Season 10

Well, since the famous reality television show “Bigg Boss Season 10” is just around the corner, the excitement among people has increased tremendously. While many speculations are being made regarding the new format of the season 10 of the show, there have been some very interesting news stories recently.

A few days ago, controversial model from Pakistan “Qandeel Baloch” was roped in for season 10 of the Bigg Boss show. Also read about bigg boss contestants.


Just now, it has been revealed that the producers of the show approached Santosh Bateshwar to take part in the season 10. Santosh Bateshwar is the man who was hit by Mr. Govinda back in the year 2008 during the shooting of the movie “Money hai toh Honey hai“. Govinda became upset when the man constantly followed him during an interview and stood behind him while Govinda was talking to the media. In his anger, Govinda suddenly turned around and slapped the man.

This incident rose to one of the biggest controversies of the Bollywood industry at that time. A few people blamed Govinda for being rude to the public while a few were of the view that it was only a publicity stunt.

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Whatever this incident was about, it is now confirmed that Santosh Bateshwar has been invited to participate in Bigg Boss. Whether he accepts the offer or not is only a matter of time but if he does, it will be very interesting to see how Govinda responds and reacts to this. Let us remind you that the new format of Bigg Boss also enables the common man to participate along with the famous celebrities.

Bigg Boss will hit the television screens in about three months time and the producers of the show are constantly striving to rope in the most interesting and famous contestants.


  1. I will also be the contestant of biggboss house this time.. 🙂 damn sure that big boss definitely invite me in their home..

    So i wAnt there would be a tough competitors so that i will enjoy to beat them nd viewers will enjoy to see them..

    • I challenge u a face off with me and am sure that u never forgat thish mr.sukhman singh

  2. I love bigg boss qki bigg boss mai meri jaan Jo hai aap soch rahe ho ki meri jaan kon hai meri dil ki dhadkan meri jaan salman love u jaan

  3. Haar k jeet ne waale ko to bazigar khete hai ,lakin apun to (sultan) sallu k fan hai jo kabi haar maante hi nahi…….ek baar apun ghar k andar public ghar k bhar………q ki apun sallu k fan hai bazigar nahi


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