Famous Artist, KV Gautam Rejects Bigg Boss Season 10

Bigg Boss is one of the most renowned reality television shows and has gained a lot of fame from audiences in the past decade or so. It will be for the tenth time that the show will go on air. The show is starting from 16th of October and Mr. Salman Khan will be hosting the show for the seventh time in a row. We definitely know that Salman has been one of the major reasons behind the tremendous success and popularity of the show.

Considering that kind of fame the show has and the amount of involved therein, every single year, a lot of celebrities are offered to take part in the show but quite a few of them turn the offer down.

Well, in the give circumstances, it seems to be somewhat illogical to turn down such an offer where you are basically supposed to sit inside a furnished house and do your routine activities, but obviously in front of over seventy cameras. However, when such celebrities are asked about the reason to reject the show, almost all of them are unanimous in saying that they do not want to become a part of any controversy.

Just like every season, quite a few celebrities were also given a chance to take part in the season 10 of the show.

KV Gautam
KV Gautam

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One such celebrity was KV Gautam who is an author, cartoonist and a motivational speaker, who comes from New Delhi.

He posted this message on his FB fan page that he was surprised to be offered a role as contestant in the season 10 of the show nonetheless this does not suited his personality , therefore he had no option but to reject the offer despite that it apparently looked quite good to him.



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