Episode 9 – New Luxury Budget Task “BB Laundry”

Bigg Boss 10 – Episode 9 – First Posted on 26th October 2016

Today’s Bigg Boss episode started off with arguments between Swami Om Jee and some other commoners. Swami Jee was actually being blamed of being double faced.

The most probable reason for this was that he had survived yesterday’s nomination successfully.


After that, Bigg Boss announced the new luxury budget task for this week which was called Bigg Boss laundry. This task was extremely important as Bigg Boss 10 clearly mentioned that it will have direct effects on next week’s nominations as well as it will decide the fate of the house in terms of who will be the next owners.

According to this task, the housemates had to play in their respective teams. They were to be given two washing stations whereby they had to wash, dry and iron the clothes in the best possible manner.


They also had to make sure that they complete the task as quickly as they could. Nitibha Kaul and Rohan Mehra were made the quality inspectors for the task who were supposed to check opposing team’s clothes. It was also mentioned that Bigg Boss would send different orders at different times.

The task started and the first order was to wash 35 clothes. Since the clothes had to be picked from the conveyer belt, both teams tried to snatch them so as to complete their task as quickly as they could.


Doing this, a lot of fights took place between different housemates. Snatching some clothes, Manu Punjabi and Rahul Dev became so aggressive that both of them fell down however nothing serious happened.

Bigg Boss announced later in the day that both of the teams had performed poorly in the task. They could only wash nine clothes each and thus, no team was able to complete the first order.

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In tomorrow’s episode, the task would be continued and some extremely intense fights would take place between Rohan and Manu Punjabi.


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