Episode 82 – Swami Om Kicked out of the Bigg Boss Show

Bigg Boss 10 – Episode 82 – First Posted on 7th January 2016

Today was a special episode of Bigg Boss as Salman Khan came to the show. He mentioned that he has been watching the show for last 9 years and he has been hosting it for seven seasons.

However, this past week was the most shocking week ever in the history of the season. He then added that people like Swami Om have neither won in any of the previous seasons nor have they got any work outside this house. It was just below the belt and Bigg Boss does not bear such things whatsoever.

It was then shown that Bigg Boss yesterday asked all the housemates to gather in the living area. It was then announced that whatever Swami Om had done was absolutely cheap and it defamed the Bigg Boss show.

Therefore, Swami Om was being thrown out of the Bigg Boss house right now. Bigg Boss then sent some security guards to the house to kick Swami Om out of the house.

Salman Khan then mentioned that now seven housemates are left inside the house and finale is just three weeks away. Salman then talked to housemates and asked some questions regarding yesterday’s task.

Salman then mentioned that since Bani had broken quite a few rules and did not wear the mic, so she was not being given the chance to become the captain of the house. Bani was quite upset about this and showed some attitude to Salman Khan for which, she was condemned by other housemates later on.

Salman then mentioned to housemates that the veteran Bollywood actor Om Puri had passed away. He further added by saying that now Swami Om is history and all the housemates need to show their abilities to the fullest.

In tomorrow’s episode, kicked out Swami Om will need to face some difficult questions by Dibang from ABP news.


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